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Celebrate all things summer by surrounding yourself with bright, beautiful summer blooms & friends while sipping on a crisp, delicious cider, frose, or wine at Blue Bee! We’re thrilled that they’ve reopened at their new location in the Libbie Mill area. Have you been to one of our flower bars before? This class will be perfect for you; we'll have flower fillers, main/focal blooms, & accents for you to create your own stunning flower arrangement. Don't worry, we'll go over a few reminders & tips, so even if it has been a while or you haven't joined us before, you'll feel confident making something beautiful.


We'll provide all the gorgeous flowers and materials you'll need. Bring your friends, partners, family, and colleagues, or come alone for a little self-love and create with these lovely, summer blooms. These classes usually last around an hour - you're welcome to grab a drink and a bite to eat when you arrive and bring it to class (you can also order Door Dash and have dinner delivered ;)


We'll meet you at Blue Bee Cider, 4811 Bethlehem Rd STE A, Richmond, VA 23230. Food and drinks purchased separately.

Summer Flower Bar 2.0: Wed., Aug 7th - 6pm @ Blue Bee cider

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