-Tuesday & Friday deliveries

-delivery within 48 hrs. Call for a same day delivery 804-317-5231

-we deliver within 40 minutes of our farm address- 18065 Mountain Rd. Montpelier

-you can request a delivery date in the note section

-“Shipping Address” is where we will deliver the flowers

-pictures are examples. Each arrangement is unique.

-arrangements will be left in the shaded porch area if no one is home. We will contact you if this is the case, so you can let them know

Our Premium Large Arrangements are perfect for making a statement - they're perfect as a main centerpiece, as a stunning foyer arrangement, or for an event.


We hand select the best of the best blooms and design for this

luxurious arrangement. The pictures are examples of past designs. Each arrangement is unique, using what is in season.

Premium Large Arrangement

  • Flowers thrive in clean water, so be sure to:

    • change the water at least every other day
    • keep in a cool area (the sun and heat cause the petals to wilt)
    • keep leaves, petals, etc. out of the water
    • snip the ends off the stems at an angle to help the flowers absorb the water
      • repeat this every few days